Competition has ended! The winners are:

Rank UserID Institution Alpha Points Payout
1 as8970 IGNOU 9350.90 $7,000
2 sk9480 BITS Pilani Goa 7359.60 $5,000
3 aa0118 IIT BHU 6811.50 $4,000
4 mb1706 BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus 6789.00 $3,000
5 cz4661 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics 6728.30 $2,000
6 pk8136 Johns Hopkins University 5446.80 $1,000
7 yg2054 Calcutta University 3520.50 $1,000
8 am6361 BIT Mesra 3502.60 $1,000
9 bg4072 Delhi technological university 3314.00 $1,000
10 ad7602 BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus 2806.10 $1,000
11 jp5120 BITS Pilani Goa 2659.70 $750
12 bl1481 Johns Hopkins 1004.10 $750
13 sm8104 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 1001.10 $750
14 rs1272 IIM Indore 921.80 $750
15 as1053 Delhi Technological University 412.10 $750
16 as9004 India Institute of Technology Madras 410.00 $500
17 cw6569 Tsinghua Univ 200.90 $500
18 al6910 Tsinghua University 109.70 $500
19 rs1185 Birla Institute of Technology and Science 105.00 $500
20 ay9638 North Carolina State 103.00 $500

And the three raffle winners are:

  • vm6735
  • sr2936
  • pu9142

Thank you for participating in the competition!

NOTE: Alpha Points were updated at the end of the competition to reflect the removal of concurrent duplicate trophy alpha submissions. In the case of duplicates of any trophy alpha, only the trophy alpha submitted first in time was counted while all subsequently submitted trophy alphas that were duplicates were deleted.

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Learn to beat the market.

Every year, the Trexquant Alpha team hosts an alpha competition to teach the next generation of quantitative researchers how to find alphas -- profitable and reproducible trading signals that power quantitative hedge funds. We’ll provide the data, cloud computers, backtesting platform and the lessons. Are you up for the challenge?


To participate in the competition, all that is required is an interest in financial markets and enough programming experience to allow you to translate your ideas into Python code. The objective of the competition is to create a variety of uncorrelated signals, which we call Alphas, that are profitable across varying market conditions.

Competition participants will use our intuitive web-based platform, Trexsim, to develop and backtest Alphas, which are statistical arbitrage signals for trading global equities.

Trexsim has a variety of pre-cleaned data and built-in functions available, along with a framework to develop custom functions for data manipulation, which allows participants to rapidly iterate and backtest a variety of ideas. Competition participants thus avoid time-consuming data cleaning and simulation development effort, and instead directly focus on working with a variety of data to create useful trading signals.

The competition lasts for eight weeks. At the conclusion of the event, we will score the Alphas created by each entrant, rank each candidate, and award prizes to the top performers.



1st place $7,000
2nd place $5,000
3rd place $4,000
4th place $3,000
5th place $2,000
6-10th place $1,000

In addition to the prizes above, we will hold a raffle for 3 iPad Pros for all non-winner participants. See the Rules page for more details.



January 3, 2018 - Competition begins
January 14, 2018 - Registration deadline
February 28, 2018 - Competition ends


Trexquant is a statistical arbitrage hedge fund headquartered in Connecticut, United States. We use thousands of signals, called Alphas, to trade a broad universe of stocks with the goal of delivering strong absolute and risk-adjusted performance.

We continuously seek to improve in the areas of data collection, signal development, portfolio management, and trade execution. Our research atmosphere across these four areas emphasizes quantitative rigor, creativity, collaboration, and diligence.